New Approaches in Batch Centrifugal Design and Its Operational Benefits


Batch centrifugals rank among the key equipment in the sugar production process It is quite rightly expected that they should meet the highest requirements regarding process optimization and productivity even under heavy workloads. When selecting a new centrifugal, the following criteria are important for the decision making process: (a) optimum sugar quality depending on the individual requirements, (b) maximum yield, (c) high throughput together with the lowest possible power consumption, (d) minimized use of washwater, (e) simplicity of operation, (f) low maintenance (g) long service life of the equipment. For the development of a centrifugal it is thus equally important to combine these aspects in an optimal way and to ensure a safe and stable process. To meet the ever increasing customer requirements and to further optimize an already highly sophisticated product, new design-engineering approaches are needed. As a worldwide leading manufacturer of centrifugals, BMA has accepted this challenge and developed a new standard-setting batch type centrifugal. As an outstanding feature, the new and innovative basket design allows a significantly longer service life of the basket. In addition, the basket allows higher throughputs based on its volume and contributes to the smoother operation of the centrifugal. This in turn makes the process safer, even when difficult massecuites are being processed. With the innovative monaxial discharger, BMA reduces the discharging time by up to 20%. A significant amount of a centrifugal’s life cycle costs are attributable to the regularly required maintenance. During the development of the new centrifugal BMA paid a lot of it’s attention to the simplification of the mechanical system by reducing the number of components. This has helped to minimize not only the amount of maintenance and consequently the associated costs and downtimes, but also the risk of machine failure. A new failsafe control system and redundant, certified sensors and analyzing units provide an increased operational reliability. The controlled and monitored breaking ramp leads to higher safety for operators and the machine itself. This presentation highlights the most important innovations of the batch centrifugal and its operational benefits based on experiences with the first installations.


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